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How to Disable SIP on MacOS Running on VMware Workstation/Fusion

  1. Start VMware Workstation/Fusion
  2. Select MacOS VM and choose Power on to Firmware
  3. In the EFI menu, select Enter setup > Configure boot options > Add boot options > select Recovery partition > select boot.efi
  4. In the Input the description box, hit Enter and type recovery and hit Enter again. Choose Commit changes and exit
  5. Next, select recovery option under Boot Manager and follow instructions until you see the MacOS Utilities menu
  6. Select Utilities > Terminal in the MacOS Utilities menu and type csrutil status to get the current SIP status
  7. Then type csrutil disable to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)
  8. Reboot the VM and check csrutil status again to ensure SIP is disabled